Medical Issues in Chemical Dependency
(Medical Issues + ZOOM)

Nurses, Counselors, and other interested Health Professionals

• This is a six-hour training aimed at providing an introduction to medical issues in chemical dependency

for the counselor, nurse, or other professional.
• This course directly relates to the domains of assessment, counseling, case management, client education, and professional responsibility, with a specific substance abuse focus.

OBJECTIVES: (Behavioral Terminology)
Upon completion, the learner will be able to identify:
1. Medical Disorders commonly associated with various classes of drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, prescription controlled substances, and illicit drugs of abuse
2. Appropriate communication strategies for client counselor interactions
3. Indications for referral and consultation for medical and/or psychiatric evaluation and/or treatment
4. Educational strategies about medical consequences of Substance use as a tool to motivate change
5. Evaluation and revision of treatment plans along the continuum of care to address medical comorbidities

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