Introduction to Motivational Enhancement Therapy - Part 1
(MET- Part 1, HS + ZOOM)

• This is Part 1 of an eighteen-hour training aimed at providing an introduction to Motivational Enhancement Therapy for treatment of substance abuse disorders and frequently encountered comorbid mental disorders.
• This course directly relates to the domains of assessment, counseling, case management, client education, and professional responsibility, with a specific substance abuse focus.

OBJECTIVES: (Behavioral Terminology)
Upon completion, the learner will be able to identify:
1. Theories of Motivational Enhancement Therapy;
2. Motivational Enhancement Therapy techniques that may be used in the treatment of substance use disorders and frequently encountered co-morbid mental disorders;
3. Appropriate assessments, interventions, professionalism, and supportive measures such as case management and client education for the professional who is caring for the chemically impaired individual;
4. Evidence based interventions that can be applied in private and professional settings.

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